Single-Visit Crowns

At Katy Family Dentistry, we make crowns, veneers, overlays and other restorative dental components right here in our office. Using a state-of-the-art CAD modelling system and diamond mill, we prepare the tooth, take 3D images and craft the new component from a ceramic/composite block.

Whereas crowns and veneers used to take weeks to fabricate at an of-site laboratory, we mill the same piece in as little as four minutes. Our investment in this equipment and training has resulted in amazing benefits, both economic and personal:

  • Only one visit is needed to fully restore a tooth.
  • The need for large, cumbersome temporary fixtures is eliminated.
  • More of the natural tooth is preserved using this process.
  • Fewer anasthetic injections means less time with a numb face.
  • Composite material is stronger than traditional porcelain.
  • Replacement tooth better matches the other teeth with on-site controls.